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Power of Priestess Presence


Develop your emotional intelligence and impressive communication skills as you foster depth, reveal your truth, and build trust in your relationships.

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A wise woman keeps her psychic environment clean.

These teachings have a shamanic nature that will keep your psychic channels clear instead of clogging them with unnecessary drama so that you can focus on what matters and embody the Hollow Bone.

Within Yourself

Notice and witness your inner experience. Discern when and how to reveal your truth skillfully.

Facilitate memorable & profound interaction

Make your interactions memorable by bringing intention and attention.

At Work

Build trust and make a profound impact on your clients and colleagues who will feel heard and seen.

Skillful conflict and repair

Learn how to skillfully initiate and navigate challenging conversations.

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Are You Ready?

You'll receive:

The 60-min masterclass

Outline of conflict approach so that you can implement and practice


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Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Carrie and I am a teacher and embodiment coach.

I LOVE supporting women in creating more results in their relationships and businesses.

In 2017 I became certified in relational leadership and opened my embodiment coaching practice shortly after, followed by two years of staffing the 9-month training.

In the masterclass I'll share the fundamentals of how you can easily incorporate profound communication skills and emotional intelligence in your world.

Note: This is a pre-order. The pre-recorded training will be live in your learning portal on October 14.



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