Maiden to Mother:

Empowerment & support during the profound transition of matrescence.

Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood initiate us into a new chapter of life and a new identity.

We will cut through social expectations, trusting your authority and your unique way in pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

If you have a desire to...

-Approach your transition into matrescence (new motherhood) with reverence, meaning, and ceremony

-Create intentions for the ways that you approach motherhood, your new identity, your partnership and relationhship with your baby, and intentions for your family legacy

-Lean into trusting your body and your higher power

-Release cultural and social conditioning around birth and motherhood

-Educate yourself on all of your options in pregnancy, birth, and motherhood

We’ll have the refreshing conversations you’ve been craving, woman to woman.

You will:

  • Set yourself up to receive the local community support you want and need
  • Approach your matrescence as a rite of passage vision quest if you so choose
  • Create meaningful-to-you ceremony for your family
  • Set boundaries with demanding family members and be at peace with saying NO
  • Feel confident, self-authoring, and recognized as a woman and mother.

You recieve:

Unlimited voxer support with one monthly 60-90 minute personalized support call for the duration of your pregnancy and for seven weeks post partum. Timing customizations are welcome (e.g. you desire matrescence support post-partum—we can customize logistical details to suit you). Email me for customizations.

*This work can be paired with any spiritual or religious tradition. My non-dogmatic approach and background in ceremony supports women in their unique spiritual path.

Your Image

Your Guide

Hi, I’m Carrie, Maiden to Mother Guide and home birthing mama.

I empower women to trust themselves during the profound transition of matrescence.

I began my career in birth work as a birth doula in 2016 and my initiation as a priestess in 2012.

Trained in a wide variety of applicable modalities and as a facilitator, I welcome the breadth and depth of women's experiences. We explore the through curiosity and without assumptions.

I searched high and low for a Wise Woman to support me during my pregnancies in these ways. I did not find her. I am her.

I look forward to supporting you.

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