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Choose your frequency. Live from your psychic self.

This masterclass will guide you through removing conditioning and indoctrination that clouds your discernment. Reacting to exterior forces can jam our frequency and cause chaos. Learn to operate from your inner soul power.

Sovereignty Masterclass

Over time, sovereignty (inner power) can be erroded by social pressures and subconscious programming. But it can always be restored with careful attention.

sovereignty from a shamanic & energetic perspective.

Understand how these concepts have been approached for millennia and how it is different today.

HOW the technology of indoctrination works

Ensure you operate from within rather than being constantly jerked around by the external world.

History lessons, current events, unique perspectives

Don’t take anything I say for the truth, do your own research. I'll share resources for you to go deeper and develop your unique perspective.

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Are You Ready?

You'll receive:

-Sovereignty Masterclass Recording

-Shamanic Fortification Deep-Dive Training


About the Instructor

Nice to meet you!

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Hi, I’m Carrie and I am a teacher.

I LOVE supporting women in accessing and awakening the ancient wisdom that lives in their bones…and applying it for results in their lives and businesses.

For nearly ten years, I have studied, taught, experienced, and facilitated transformational rites of passage, ancestral healing, ancient earth wisdom, plant medicine, and shamanic skills. I am committed to this work on a soul level.

The class is pre-recorded, go at your own pace.



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